Poll: TA-ship allocation presentation???

We would like to know if there is student interest in a presentation about how TA-ships are allocated in the department. If so, we will ask John Barker to describe to interested students all of the factors that go into allocating the TA-ships in our department. So, please take this poll and let us know!!!



Marshall Sahlins at UBC

Here is the whole schedule for Marshall Sahlins, all in one place!

Wednesday, March 2:

Graduate Workshop at Green College, 2-4pm

“The Teach-Ins: Anti-War Protest in the Stoned Age”

***Please RSVP to Eleanore (anthhead -at- interchange.ubc.ca) by Monday, February 28 at 10am! Please download a copy of the article for the workshop here.

Thursday, March 3:

2011 Hawthorn Lecture, 11:30am-1:00pm at the Asian Centre Auditorium (1871 West Mall)

“Stranger-Kings, Enemy Heads, Affinal Kin, and Other Foreign Riches:  The Alterity of Power and Vice-Versa”

Co-sponsored by UBC Department of Anthropology and Department of History

The Hawthorn Lecture will be followed by a reception in AnSo and a Fireside Chat at Green College.

Friday, March 4

4:00 – 5:30 pm at Buchanan A 201 (1866 Main Mall)

“Only Apes Have ‘Human Nature'”

Co-sponsored by UBC Department of Anthropology and Centre for the Study of Human Evolution, Cognition and Culture.

After the talk, graduate students are invited to dinner with Professor Sahlins. Dinner will be at the Banana Leaf (820 W Broadway) at 6:30pm. Please RSVP to Carole (blcarole [at] interchange.ubc.ca) or Felice (felice.wyndham [at] ubc.ca).

AGSA Meeting Minutes – February 21, 2010

1.    AGSA travel award for conference travel (Sara)

  • This was actually not done through the AGSA in the past, usually the department
  • Should this be taken on by the AGSA? Conflict of interest?
  • Need more clarification from John Barker
  • We will ask for people to volunteer to serve on a committee for this to get more information from John and students in the department who were around last time there was a travel award.
  • Perhaps we can outline the criteria, and then get the department to allocate funds. Possibly even make a set amount?

2.   TA allocation process (Sara)

  • Are students still interested in a meeting with John about how TA allocations are done?
  • Possibly set up something with Natalie (TA liaison) to discuss
  • Good to do this likely before the TA applications are due
  • Possibly have professors present during this meeting too
  • Discuss the role professors play in selecting TAs
  • Sara will send out an e-mail to see how many are interested
  • What new students are hoping for in a meeting like this:
    • TAships not only as funding, but also training for future professorhood
    • Meeting would helpfully quell concerns regarding fairness

3.    Announcements re: Marshall Sahlins visit (Sara)

  • RSVP ASAP to Eleanore for the workshop, as spots are open for students in other departments, so to ensure you get a spot, email Eleanore by the 28th at 10 am
  • Sara will e-mail a clarification on the Sahlins schedule

4.    GSS update – elections result (Meredith)

5.   Other items?

  • Start thinking about how to explain, define positions and responsibilities for next year’s council turn-around. Sara suggests creating general outline of AGSA activities and position responsibilities to help future co-presidents!
  • Job talk: Andrea Berez talk at this Wednesday at noon, luncheon 1:30-2:30pm
  • If conference organisers have questions about past conferences, please contact organisers from previous years