Call for Papers: Culture and Change: Towards a Dynamic Anthropology

Call for Papers: Culture and Change: Towards a Dynamic Anthropology

The Anthropology Department at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, is pleased to announce the 2012 graduate student conference to be held Friday, March 2nd, and Saturday, March 3rd, 2012.

Anthropologists recognize that cultures are dynamic and changing. Recent global events, such as the uprising in Egypt and the Occupy Movement, have pushed these notions of social dynamism to the forefront of public consciousness. How do global forces combine with local dynamics to shape the futures of communities around the world? Scholars from the traditional fields of anthropology, as well as geography, political science, law, and other disciplines are engaging with this question in new ways.

We cordially invite graduate and undergraduate scholars across disciplines including but not limited to sociocultural, linguistic, and museum anthropology, archaeology, sociology, geography, history, and political science, to join us for an exploration of these themes. Please submit paper and poster abstracts by January 31st, 2012 online at Abstracts are limited to 150 words. Please include 3 or 4 keywords below the body of the abstract.

In addition, we encourage works that fall under the realm of visual anthropology. This includes 10 to 12 minute documentary/ethnographic film submissions, photographic and other artistic works that address the dynamic shifts occurring in various communities influenced by political, economic and social forces. Please submit film and artwork synopsis no longer than 150 words and related photos or 1 to 2 minute film clips by January 31st, 2012, online at

Topics could include, but by no means should be limited to, the following:

  • Social revolutions
  • Mobility/immobility and circulation
  • Methodologies addressing change and transition
  • Changes in research methods
  • Reflexivity
  • Performance

Check back soon at the conference website at for updates, including keynote speaker, registration information, program, and schedule.

Please circulate widely to interested parties and direct any questions to Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on March 3rd!

Thank you very much!

UBC Anthropology Graduate Conference Committee


AGSA Meeting – December 1, 2011

1. Treasurer election for new year

  • Maggie stepping down
  • Keep rack of what is spent, reimburse people
    • Vancity, can only withdraw twenties
  • Helps with conference; fronts money for conference food
  • Nominate Christina
    • Second, third, accepted.

2. ASA (Hillary and Nelissa)

  • Work with us for a side panel at conference
    • Volunteers and presenters
    • Contact Cate to get involved with conference
  • Pub nights every first Friday of the month
  • 9 January: back to school themed cookies and milk night
    • ask Dr. Menzies for his SFU undergrad id photo
  • 11 January: anthropology field school info night
  • Collaborate on a BBQ at the beach?

 3. Holiday Party

  • Check on whether minors are permitted to attend
  • Bake sale profits: $114.55
    • Will cover booze
  • Need to set up/clean up
    • Post 500 papers set-up party
    • Megan has Christmas lights, hanging lanterns
    • End time is at 10pm.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Who is getting stuff?
    • Social committee
    • Ale has car

4. Department review

  • Meet at Morgan’s at 5pm, 2 December 2011 to discuss
  • Hand it in to both external review and department
  • 4-5 pages, single spaced
  • Department worries are mostly in agreement with AGSA thoughts

5. Diana (AMS/GSS)

  • Casas: federal lobbying power
    • AMS opted out, GSS stayed in as own entity as full members
  • GSS considering leaving AMS as an organization
    • Worry is that AMS does not consider GSS as constituents of AMS
    • Hire someone to look at what this would legally/fiscally/individually mean for GSS and graduate students
  • Gage South Project
  • Put in new bus loop
  • New SUB
    • Increasing levels of student fees to pay this off
    • GSS will have more access/space
  • Also want to put in new townhouses for faculty and graduate students: rentals (“affordable” at 5% below market price)
  • Talk to Dr. Menzies about housing on campus
  • Remaking/Rebranding AMS logo and AMS
    • Rebranding all the restaurants in the SUB – $35,000 or more
  • Worried about desire to increase number of international students
  • Having trouble to support current students…
  • GSS
  • DOF funding: funding for department events, that we can apply for
    • 50cents per graduate students at event
  • shoe drive for installation piece and then given away for further use by people who need them—if you have shoes you want to donate… (end 2 December 2011)

6. AGSA talks

  • Need Graduate Students to sign up for talks
  • Also need snack people
  • 12-1 on Mondays