AGSA Meeting Minutes: Dec 9, 2009

1. Social
Party Friday December 11 at Sara’s house
Next term, plan to have 1 or 2 events, a movie or karaoke night? input from anthgrads contact Rachel, sociology liason
Moa will open in January 23rd and there will be a party

2. GSS Updates
Metro Vancouver proposed a by law to zone university land. Some members from university admin. an external committee will find out more about this plan. gss and ams are planning to work together.
Can’t get the liquor license for the penthouse
koerner wants imput on a new color (there may be an online survey?)
Next meeting this Thursday, the TA rep, Geraldine will speak.

3. Department Meeting Update
TA appointments will decrease next year. More info? contact TA rep union president, Geraldina (will be speaking at GSS meeting on Thursday)
Reminder to take advantage of upcoming talks by alumnni and talk tomorrow
Moa opens on Jan 23- there will be a party

4. Shaylih Muehlmann
UC Berkeley
Come to the Talk tomorrow at 11 in Anso 205

5. Fundraising?
Think about it!


Dai Cooper Sings “Anthropology Song” at AAA’s 2009

Dai Cooper “Anthropology Song” from Molly Malone on Vimeo.

Here is Dai’s performance from December 4, 2009. Apologies for the shaky camerawork, I should leave that stuff to our departmental pros… 😉

UBC at the 2009 AAA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA

L-R: John Barker, Lina Gomez, Dai Cooper, Millie Creighton, Molly Malone, Ana Vivaldi, Natalie Baloy

UBC folks gathered for a photo after Dai Cooper (BA ’09) performed her now world-famous “Anthropology Song.”