AGSA Minutes, 8th October 2008

Anthropology Graduate Student Association
Meeting 8th October 2008


1. Student Positions
2. AGSA Dept Rep Updates
3. AGSA Letter to Department
4. Comprehensive Exams Proposal
5. AGSA Blog: what else would you like to see?
6. Coffee Kiosk – the final word?
7. Social Events: grad party 19th November, end of term party?
8. Other Business
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AGSA Minutes 10 Sept. 2008

Anthropology Graduate Student Association

Meeting 10th September 2008



1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Information on the Role of the AGSA
3. Student-held Positions
4. Updates from Representatives
5. Projects and Events:
a) Coffee Kiosk
b) Other Events
6. Any other business

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