Partha Chatterjee @ UBC

Partha Chatterjee

Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta; Professor of Anthropology, Columbia University

“The Black Hole of Empire”

Friday, October 17, 12-1:30 pm

The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

Lillooet Room (Room 301)

Professor Chatterjee’s talk will focus on British India but will deal more generally with modern empires.

Co-sponsored by the Department of Political Science; the Workshop to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Isaiah Berlin’s “Two Concepts of Liberty”; the Department of Asian Studies; the Centre for India and South Asia Research (CISAR); and the Department of Anthropology.


On this note, if you are interested, you can also attend the Workshop on Isaiah Berlin’s “Two concepts of Libety”. That will be held this weekend at UBC 18-19 Oct @ St John’s College.

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