Call for Volunteers for Graduate Student Organizing Committee

Call for Volunteers for Graduate Student Organizing Committee

ACUNS – APECS: Communities of Change – Building an IPY Legacy
9th ACUNS international Student Conference on Northern Studies
October 2 – 5 2009   Yukon College, Whitehorse

On behalf of our host institution, Yukon College, we encourage motivated graduate students to volunteer their time and talents to a virtual organizing committee representing multiple disciplines and Arctic and Antarctic research areas. The work of the committee will include planning and development of the conference program and selection of keynote and plenary speakers. Support for the student committee is provided by a Conference Partners Advisory Committee, host institution staff, and an on-site Conference Coordinator.

About the conference:
The Association of Canadian Universities of Northern Studies has partnered with the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) to hold an international polar conference for students and early career researchers. This conference is also the 9th ACUNS international Student Conference on Northern Studies and will be the first ACUNS Student Conference to be hosted by an ACUNS member institution North of the 60th parallel and the first to have an international focus including both Polar regions.  The conference theme is: Communities of Change – Building an IPY legacy.  College, undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral scholars and early career faculty in the natural, health, and social sciences and humanities will be invited to submit presentations considering:

•    Changes to polar flora, fauna and marine communities.
•    Changes in human communities through increased development, climate change and growing populations.
•    Changes in research communities and how research is undertaken in the Polar Regions.
•    Changes in communities as a result of polar law and governance (i.e. land claims and self-government, policy)

If you are interested to be a member of the student organizing team please submit your name and contact information by November 21 to Clint Sawicki at