Colloquia and Events

Upcoming 2014 Event:

UBC Anthropology Research Open House

March 21, 2014

Anthropology and Sociology Building

This event is a showcase of UBC student research on all themes anthropological. Both undergraduate and graduate students in any subject are welcome to showcase their own work or work as part of a collaboration. Profiles of current, ongoing, or past research are all welcome. As this is an informal event, the presenter(s) is/are encouraged to present research in any medium such as a poster, a presentation (10-15 minutes long), a piece of art, an activity, digital format, or in any form that is most comfortable for the presenter.

All those interested please submit a 200 word description of your research, how you plan to present your research, and whether or not you require special equipment (TV, DVD player, projector, etc.) by Saturday, March 3 to Heather Robertson at

2013 Event:

Conversations in Anthropology: The Risks and Values of Development in Northern Canada

March 14, 2013

6-9PM Michael M. Ames Theatre at the Museum of Anthropology

We cordially invite you to the first annual ‘Conversation in Anthropology’. Organized by the graduate students in UBC’s Department of Anthropology with the goals of disseminating scholarship and generating thoughtful discussion around complex issues in our world, we provide a venue for interdisciplinary exploration of these issues.
This year’s conversation centers around issues related to resource development and industrialization in Canada’s north and its value to and impact on local communities, including those of First Nations.
The event will be a monitored panel discussion with Q &A. There will be a reception with complementary snacks and refreshments beginning at 8 PM.

2012 Conference:

Culture and Change: Towards a Dynamic Anthropology

March 2-3, 2012

Anthropologists recognize that cultures are dynamic and changing. Recent global events, such as the uprising in Egypt and the Occupy Movement, have pushed these notions of social dynamism to the forefront of public consciousness. How do global forces combine with local dynamics to shape the futures of communities around the world? Scholars from the traditional fields of anthropology, as well as geography, political science, law, and other disciplines are engaging with this question in new ways.

We cordially invite graduate and undergraduate scholars across disciplines including but not limited to sociocultural, linguistic, and museum anthropology, archaeology, sociology, geography, history, and political science, to join us for an exploration of these themes.

In addition, we encourage works that fall under the realm of visual anthropology. This includes 10 to 12 minute documentary or ethnographic film submissions, photographic and other artistic works that address the dynamic shifts occurring in various communities influenced by political, economic and social forces.

Topics could include, but by no means should be limited to, the following:

  • Social revolutions
  • Mobility/immobility and circulation
  • Methodologies addressing change and transition
  • Changes in research methods
  • Reflexivity
  • Performance

Register Here


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