AGSA Meeting Minutes – February 21, 2010

1.    AGSA travel award for conference travel (Sara)

  • This was actually not done through the AGSA in the past, usually the department
  • Should this be taken on by the AGSA? Conflict of interest?
  • Need more clarification from John Barker
  • We will ask for people to volunteer to serve on a committee for this to get more information from John and students in the department who were around last time there was a travel award.
  • Perhaps we can outline the criteria, and then get the department to allocate funds. Possibly even make a set amount?

2.   TA allocation process (Sara)

  • Are students still interested in a meeting with John about how TA allocations are done?
  • Possibly set up something with Natalie (TA liaison) to discuss
  • Good to do this likely before the TA applications are due
  • Possibly have professors present during this meeting too
  • Discuss the role professors play in selecting TAs
  • Sara will send out an e-mail to see how many are interested
  • What new students are hoping for in a meeting like this:
    • TAships not only as funding, but also training for future professorhood
    • Meeting would helpfully quell concerns regarding fairness

3.    Announcements re: Marshall Sahlins visit (Sara)

  • RSVP ASAP to Eleanore for the workshop, as spots are open for students in other departments, so to ensure you get a spot, email Eleanore by the 28th at 10 am
  • Sara will e-mail a clarification on the Sahlins schedule

4.    GSS update – elections result (Meredith)

5.   Other items?

  • Start thinking about how to explain, define positions and responsibilities for next year’s council turn-around. Sara suggests creating general outline of AGSA activities and position responsibilities to help future co-presidents!
  • Job talk: Andrea Berez talk at this Wednesday at noon, luncheon 1:30-2:30pm
  • If conference organisers have questions about past conferences, please contact organisers from previous years



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