Graduate Student Travel Fund 2008-09 – APPLY by APRIL 2nd!!

Graduate Student Travel Fund 2008-09*

The Department has requested that all students wishing to apply for reimbursement towards a conference that they participated in from April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009 please submit the following information to Kyla NO LATER THAN APRIL 2nd:

1. the name of the conference where you presented and the dates

2. the total expenses you incurred

3. the receipts you have (in an envelope)

If you do not have receipts but presented at a conference, you can still estimate your expenses and submit that; however, you will have to pay tax on the amount you receive.

Again, the deadline for submission of this information to Kyla is APRIL 2nd (this Thursday).

Thank you!


  • Discussion between the AGSA, AGSC and Department concerning how funds will be allocated in future is ongoing; however, in order to use funds from this fiscal year, the Department needs to process our applications immediately.  It is at present unclear how applications will be ranked if there are more applications than funds allow this year.  For 2009-10, however, a policy will need to be in place to guide the adjudication process, which we hope will incorporate the AGSA’s strong desire to have applications ranked on a needs-basis.  We will be kept apprised as discussions continue.

AGSA Meeting – Wed. April 8th at 1pm – Grad Lounge – SUSHI!!!


1. AGSA 2009/10 Elections
2. Department retreat brainstorming
3. CASCA update
4. Department Rep updates
5. End of term party? gathering? shindig? something?

Yes, that’s right, it’s time to get some new blood into the AGSA for the 2009/10 year, so whether you want to get involved, nominate someone else to get involved, or simply cast your ballot while eating delicious sushi – come one and all!! positions being voted in to begin in September 2009 are:

Co-Presidents, or President and Vice-President
Department Events Coordinator
Social Coordinator
Department Liaison
Sociology Liaison
Undergrad Liaison
AGSC Representative
TA Union Representative
GSS Representatives (2)
Website Committee

(we need all Department Reps to attend so we can get a good sense of what the positions entail from those who have held them)

See you there!!!

AAA Submission Deadline April 1 2009

Dear AAA Member,

This is a friendly reminder that there are twelve days remaining until the April 1 deadline to submit proposals for the 2009 annual meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (December 2–6). Here are a few resources that may help you with the online submission process: For complete information on meeting rules and participation requirements, go to For step-by-step submission guides, go to To submit a proposal, go to To learn about Philadelphia, check out If you need help, call 800/715-8412 for 24-hour support through April 1. You may also send an email to anytime.

We hope to see you in Philly,
Lucille Horn
Director of Meetings

2009 Visual Research Conference: Call for Submissions!

2009 Visual Research Conference: Call for Submissions!

This is an excellent conference to present visual works-in-progress at. I highly suggest submitting an abstract if you are planning to go to the AAA anyway.

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New York Times: Doctoral Candidates Anticipate Hard Times

See the article here. This is not a very inspiring article to read while on a break from writing CHAPTER 1 of my dissertation. Nonetheless, back to work!

Rouch’s Jaguar at Green College, March 11th

Green College International Film Festival

Jaguar by Jean Rouch, 1967, 91 min., France (in French with English subtitles) With an introduction by Green College Resident Member by Jeni Wolowic.

Wednesday, March 11th 2009, 8pm Coach House, Green College, 6201 Cecil Green Park Road

An ethnofiction and a CLASSIC in visual anthropology. It is about three young men who leave the savannah of Niger to seek wealth and adventure on the coast and in the cities of Ghana. The men enacted the journey for Rouch while undertaking this journey for the first time themselves and made up scenes as they encountered the world. Since no portable synchronized sound equipment was available the soundtrack is an improvised narration of the three men as they watched the footage a year later. It is a collaboration that blurs every boundary. This term, Resident Members of Green College were asked to recommend their favorite movies for screening as part as the GCIFF. The series is the result of their propositions and covers nearly all continents.

MoA in the Globe and Mail

This article in today’s Globe talks about MoA’s reopening. Unfortunate title, but it gives a sense of what is to come with the renovation.