AGSA November Meeting Minutes, 20th November 2014

  • Take GSS health Survey
    • Link in GSS news letter
  • Sound system and DJ rentals available from Campus Radio
  • Update on Centennial Funds: working on interdepartmental application and collaboration with Musquem; different sub-disciplinary panels
  • Cordelia no updates
  • Heather and Joe meeting with Joe Barker
    • Discussing new layouts for grad profiles on the department website
    • Want to switch from list to table that keeps MA and PhD students together and not separated
    • So presenting a table format that also lists what stream you are in and then a different tab layout
    • Also going to see if we can create a new system for website profile updates so that Eleanore doesn’t have to do it
  • Archaeology Day (Bryn update)
    • On the 21st of March
    • Jasmine has expressed interest in helping Jing
    • Day long symposium centered around “Destruction”?
    • Megan will also help volunteer
  • Alternate location and day discussed for pub night to up attendance
  • Benefits for becoming a club
    • Access to the club benefit fund
      • Only be used for events not recurring
      • Can only be used for less than half the cost
      • Downside is a lot of paperwork to keep club status going
    • Email GSS about becoming an affiliated group
      • Steffan or Martina email VP finance (possibly named Guillome?)
    • Department Christmas party
      • Funding for party = get in touch for Jasmine (150$)
      • Martina getting cups/plates/table covers
      • Invitations
        • Printing for Faculty and Staff
        • Email for everyone else
        • Posters
      • Ordering liquor and Ice, also non-alcoholic beverages – Storm brewery
        • Bryn order
        • Heather pickup
        • 37 L of keg plus extras from liquor store that can be returned (wine, beer, cider)
      • Serving it right
        • Bryn and Heather
      • Semi formal
      • Decorations
        • Decorating party (make decorations)
        • Bring whatever you have to decorate
      • Set up 5/530
      • Liquor license starts a 630
      • Heather speakers

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