AGSA September 2014 Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2014 AGSA Meeting

Convened at 1:10

In attendance: Steffan, Bryn, Joe, Sultan, Anastasia, Michelle, Cordelia, Lindsay, Ezra, Jordan, Jasmine, Katie, Eva, Martina, Collen, Heather, Megan


  1. Welcome and intro to AGSA and events
  1. Filling open positions
  1. Brief intro on last year’s letter to the AGSC and response (these will be made available after the meeting for discussion and possible action in the next meeting).
  1. Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) club – Intro (Adam)
  1. Brainstorming possible fundraising ideas and objectives

2014/15 AGSA Officers

AGSA Pres/Vice Pres or Co-Presidents: Steffan Gordon, Martina Volfova

Treasurer: Jasmine Sacharuk

Secretary: Megan Wong

AGSA talks organizers: Heather Robertson; Bryn Letham

Department Rep.: Cordelia Frewan (PhD); Colleen Parsley (MA)

AGSC Rep.: Lauren Harding (PhD); Joe Hepburn (MA)

Social Chair: Bryn Letham

LoA Reps: Bryn Letham and Katie Roth

GSS Rep: Michelle Hepburn

TA Union Rep: Lindsay Moore

Undergraduate Liaison: Jordan Handley

Social Media Coordinator: Jasmine Sacharuk


-introductions of those in attendance

-described positions and called for candidates

– Sultan had to leave but volunteered for any position that wasn’t filled

-short presentation by Undergraduate research Opportunities representative (Adam)

-will be providing follow-up info to Martina for interested gradstudents

-some discussion of AGSA positions

-Lindsay suggested that Undergrad liaison duties could potentially be handled by Department reps, since Undergrads would also have a rep at the meetings; ultimately there were enough volunteers to fill the position

-Martina contacted by Undergrad president regarding organizing Undergrad arch day and Grad school; following up

-decision to have a social media coordinator

-main concerns of last year’s two letters to the department outlined; letters and response will be emailed to AGSA by Steffan

-travel/conference attendance grant raised by Steffan as an example of a possible item to fundraise for

-Lindsay raised concern that fundraising should be for things that will benefit both PhD and MA students

-possible fundraisers include soup/chili sales on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, when undergrads take most of their classes; T-shirts, requiring deposits before they are ordered

-Bryn reminded everyone of pubnight this evening; still to be determined if will regularly be on Wednesdays or Thursdays

Meeting adjourned 2:10


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