AGSA Meeting Minutes October 2014

AGSA Meeting: Oct 20th minutes

In attendance: Steffan Gordon, Martina Volfova, Joe Hepburn, Jordan Handley, Cordelia Fewren, Bryn Letham, Heather Robertson, Eva Marley, Lindsay Moore

  1. Cordelia – updates from Departmental meeting

Important: We must keep our Academic Records updates – especially new MA students

The Departmental website is being redone and restructured. There is a website committee: All graduate students (MA and PhD) will be in one location “graduate students”–The suggestion from the department is to have someone from the AGSA responsible for keeping it current and consistent – photos, short bios, and other info we want there. We as a student body can decide how we want to structure it.

Heather and Joe– volunteered for this task, we need to discuss what kinds of things we want to have on the website – this will be brought up at the next AGSA meeting – suggestion of researching what other departments include on their websites.

Developing an institute for critical indigenous studies; First student intake 2017/2018

  1. TA Union: election of new executive; chief bargaining agent reelected.
  1. Joint SFU and UBC party – Halloween party at Jordan’s place. Heather has started a preliminary planning – mainly inviting SFU people.
  2. We need to start organizing Christmas party – either the very end of November or the first few days of December. (AAA meeting in December) Set for Friday, November 28th.

Heather – will get the liquor licence. Bryn will check with Ali to see what was purchased last year, which worked out great.

  1. Discussed how to better engage graduate students in our department in departmental and AGSA activities.

Some ideas include: better advertising for AGSA Talks to encourage people to not only sign up for the Talks, but also attend them. Martina will try to organize something like “Anthropology Café”- where students could meet informally to discuss their current work – projects, papers, thoughts on specific topics… Martina will also prepare a little speech about grad student engagement and will try to give a little talk to the new cohort at 506.

Steffan has been looking into AGSA becoming a club. Will continue to do that and will give us more updates at the next AGSA meeting.


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