AGSA Meeting Notes: February 6, 2014

Thursday February 6th, 2014 @ 2pm

In attendance: Daniela Oliverio-Lauderdale, Daria Boltokova, Sarah Fessenden, Bryn Letham (total attendance: 7)


1. Electing a student representative for the Headship Search Committee. Please email me if you would like to propose your candidacy! As a student rep you will attend meetings at the dean’s office, participate in confidential discussions, solicit students’ opinions. It’s probably not a huge time commitment but something that definitely takes some “dedication and careful thought” (as described by former representative Clayton Whitt who is currently doing his fieldwork);

2. Call for volunteers to help Cordelia to edit the letter to the Department. We are probably looking for 1-2 volunteers. Eventually the letter will be in google docs so that everyone can edit too.

3. Updates from representatives


1.     Grad student rep for director for MOA: Rachel

2.     Grad student rep for Headship: Martina

3.     First Tuesday of March 4th next departmental meeting. Number of students admitted every year (18). Raise the issue of cohort number. Sarah volunteers to help Cordelia with letter writing. But Sarah is gone for the presentation of the letter on March 4th so need someone else to be there to support Cordelia.

Next meeting: Feb. 27th @2pm


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