AGSA Meeting Notes: January 23, 2014

Thursday January 23rd, 2014 @ 1:30pm

In attendance: Daniela Oliverio-Lauderdale, Daria Boltokova, Sarah Fessenden, Bryn Letham


1. Discuss the departmental letter, Cordelia will give a brief summary of your responses

2. Updates from the representatives/committees

3. AGSA talks

4. Bryn will talk about Archaeology Day

5. Call for volunteers for the Grad Student Info Night organized by Anthropology undergraduates.

Meeting Minutes

1)    Department Response to Letter from Grad Students

Cordelia: Happy department sent a response. Thanks for the recommendations etc. Key issues: funding, allocations of TAships, possibility of TAship in 5th year, coursework changes (omitting one or both or have them be more useful- more flexible), credits required for PhD students, possibility of reducing credits to get students finished faster, comps reduction, poor offering of coursework, issues about transparency about finishing time etc, grad workshops- a forum where we can present drafts. Good response- they are on our side. Focus on beneficial structural changes at a departmental level (funding and tuition reduction are not up to them). Prioritizing structural changes- transparency first, encouraging part of comps list to be a directed studies (process change/structural) non-monetary changes, put specific pressure on faculty to be accountable to students about certain things (turn-around times for things and example: directed studies that includes comps list) Issue: Approached as AGSA or via individuals? (decision: as AGSA) Options communicated to students form adviser to advisee.

Cordelia go to faculty department meeting?-Maybe, Yes (Cordelia puts letter together for in two weeks time- start google doc on behalf of AGSA). Convince AGSC first and call meeting for in a week (citing broad themes or particulars)? But this is not a recent issue but an on-going issue, years past. Transparency listed on the website.

2)    Updates:  This point was skipped for today

3)     AGSA Talks

Volunteer to lead ASGA talks to help Madeline. Set up dates for talks and send emails. Prof and students or just students. Bryn volunteers.

4)     Archaeology Day

Bryn: we need speakers and on March 15th. (Theme: Digital Archeology) Low key and fun but it is put on entirely by LOA committee. Day of need half day volunteers. Located in the anthropology building with catered lunch. Pub event afterwards.

5)     Grad Student Info Night organized by Anthropology undergraduates

Need one Canadian and one international student. Bryn volunteers and need an international student. Mascha volunteers.


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