AGSA Meeting Notes- September 11, 2013

Wednesday September 11, 2013 @ 1:00pm

Executive committee in attendance: Daniela Oliverio-Lauderdale, Sarah Fessenden, Daria Boltokova, Bryn Letham, Alejandra Diaz


  1. Welcome
  2. Overview of AGSA events throughout the year
  3. Back from the field feast and pub nights invite
  4. Open positions
    (GSS rep, AGSC rep, rep for faculty/staff meetings (Rachel- need MA student), AGSA talks organizers, undergrad liaison, interdepartmental liaison)
  5. Brainstorming for raising funds


Good to see new and returning students. Informal meeting today. Introductions of members. Blog set up and AGSA email account. Sarah is the TA representative- to get in touch with the union. Koerners Pub will be open by Christmas maybe.

Overview of AGSA events throughout the year

Responsible for academic and social activities. Liaison between department and students.

Back from the field feast and pub nights invite

Come to Bryn’s house Saturday the 14th for a welcome back event. Every Wednesday there will be a pub night after the 500 class at the Fringe on Broadway (after 5pm).

Open positions

Need GSS rep (representing department looks at legislation that relates to students, go between GSS and AGSA, politically oriented, meeting every third week of the month, meeting about various things such as the pub and comes with a free meal, meetings last 2-3 hours)- Martina and Danielle co-reps

AGSC- (AGSC meets same day as departmental meetings) need an MA and PhD rep. attend meetings when it doesn’t concern students’ evaluation- PhD- Cordelia possibility; MA- Eva

Undergrad liaison- Bryn Letham

Departmental liaison- Tuesday from 11:30-1:00pm Lindsay (MA rep) possibility; PhD rep- Rachel

AGSA talks- student oriented but departmental talks (not colloquia), modeled off SFU talks, spring term, bi-weekly, two speaks per one hour slot, student and faculty member pair (or two students), branch out from Anthropology this year, practice conference presentations. Need to help Ale- Mattie (MA student volunteered).

Brainstorming for raising funds

Other topics:

AGSC- after 4 year funding ends difficulties, asking for three points:

1)     Better funding opportunities

2)     Practices to support on time finishing degree

3)     Skills development and mentoring

(Conversation started. Some points to include in letter to faculty- for faculty retreat)

Anth Grad listserv– not a private listserv! Attention and reminder (there is an AGSA email not listserv)

Next meeting: 1:30-2:30pm on Thursday Oct. 10th – to be confirmed


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