AGSA Minutes – Thursday March 22, 2012

AGSA Committee for 2012/2013

  • CO-PRESIDENTS:  Danielle Good and Megan Wong (
  • TREASURER: Christina Cheung (to January 2013)
  •  SECRETARY: (open)
  •  DEPARTMENT LIAISON: open (MA) and Christina Cheung (PhD)
  •  AGSC REPS: open (MA) and Clayton Whitt
  •  TA UNION REP: Rafael Wainer
  •  AGSA Talk Series Organizer: Megan Wong
  •  GSS REP: Rachel Roy (PhD)
  •  BLOG MASTER: (open)

TA Strike

  • Strike vote passed

Committee Updates

GSS -Sacha

  • meet every other Tuesday and 1 Thursday a month
  • external committees to join

Department Liaison-Morgan, for Diana and Diana

  • 1st Tuesday of month 11:30 – 1pm
  • Faculty retreat April 9 and 16
  • Come up with revamped titles and descriptions and ideas for new first and second year courses
  • Course booklets and flyers for summer 2013
  • Applied anthropology prize $500 for grads and undergrads
  • Website – getting a better style
  • 5 PhDs and 6 MA’s accepted
  • Fast track still an issue after 1.5 years
  • Ethnographic field school still open

AGSA Rep – Ale, for Morgan

  • Joint PhD program discussed – students receive joint PhD from 2 institutions
  • Needs to be based on established research collaboration and decided upon in a case by case basis

AMS – Diana

  • Every other Wednesday from 6PM onwards
  • Elections held
  • Voted in pro UBC transit initiative
  • Broke ground on new SUB (student union building)
  • Sustainability coordinator has funds for project, so if you have an idea, get in touch!
  • e.g. composting
  • art projects funded by selling off of old art acquired by AMS
  • time commitment of AMS meeting talked about at GSS AGM

Finance – Christina

  • We have $823 and change
  • All vote for Sacha to be reimbursed for AGSA Talk Series costs
  • Debit card to be put in Christina’s names

Social – Danielle, Megan

  • BBQ – beach at Locarno for faculty and students Saturday May 5!
  • Some funds supplied by AGSA

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