AGSA Meeting – February 16, 2012

ASA Update

  • Undergrads are doing Anthropology week
    • First full week of March
    • Events planned (eg. cookies and milk, pizza w/ John)
      • Want joint bbq on Thursday
        • Contribute money and labor?
        • Can we contribute $100 to $150?
        • (estimate budget right now is $630)
    • Looking for teams (should have a graduate team)
  • Got funding for Anthropology journal (annual for undegrads and grads)
    • 2 people from ASA in charge of journal
    • May want to publish papers from conference
  • Undergrads willing to volunteer on day of conference


  • Need to arrange to have the name on the debit card changed

TA Union Meeting

  • About 400 people attended
  • Recap of the January Meeting
    • We are negotiating for money
    • University administration has a current net zero increase in pay across campus
      • There have been raises on campus in other positions
  • Total $18.414 million toward TAs across campus
  • Push for more money?
    • Yes up to and including a strike.
    • Have to push sooner than later because of when the University budget is due
    • Strikes are helpful especially toward the end of the year.
  • Legalities for strike
    • Call for a meeting, everyone who has TAed in the last year can attend
    • All current employees (currently TAing) to vote
    • Could take a month to start a strike
  • From another year (2003), strikes would rotate across buildings, with picketing at a different building every day
    • People who run the physical spaces of UBC would be supportive of this.
    • Want to combine our union with other unions on campus (eg. phys. plant)
  • Mentality of a strike
    • Other unions will join the picket, and show solidarity by not crossing the picket line
    • Pay for everyone is $200 a week during strike
  • UBC likes to compare itself to Toronto
    • An undergrad marker at Toronto makes $3/hr more than a PhD at UBC
    • We are losing wages because of inflation and tuition increasing when wages don’t
    • Our pay has doubled since 1980
  • Our position is that we want to be paid the same as a Toronto TA
  • Are pushing for extended preference (preference for 5yr PhD, 3rdyr MA TAs)
    • Won’t sign new agreement without the extended preference
  • Next bargaining meeting is Feb. 29th
  • Have gotten:
    • UBC will be first TA union in Canada that has a policy on academic harm
    • has full update of all bargaining issues

GSS update (include AMS)

  • Elections were decently attended
    • Jamie won
  • Academic External meeting
    • GSS split from AMS?
    • Would be a political nightmare
    • GSS does not have political autonomy at the moment, split would give GSS political and monetary autonomy
    • Fee structure is for AMS (90% goes to things we utilize)
    • Jamie has a pretty good relationship with higher-ups and can talk to undergrads.
  • Will vote to auction off AMS art collection

Department Meeting

  • Department review
  • Hype around undergraduate enrollment
    • TA allocation based on undergraduate enrollment
    • Looking for creative ideas to attract undergraduates
      • Archaeology mythbusting
      • Flashy second year courses
      • Rename courses
      • Make region/topic specific courses
      • Experimental archaeology
    • ***Start Graduate GoogleDoc of suggestions
    • Revamp website – Cornel?
    • Go talk to high schools?
  • Center for cultural research
  • Reviewing new students (incoming)
    • 140 (?) applications for new graduate students
    • 39 people are applying for PhD, 5 of them are MA students here

AGSA talks

  • Monday (Feb 27th)
    • John Barker is talking about his research
    • Megan will make snack
  • If this is continuing next year—someone should take it on
    • Invite people and put up posters
    • To get department funding, would be good to have everyone attend
    • Ale would help this keep going…
    • Mike Richards wants to incorporate it into 506

Next meeting will have elections for 2012-2013 year

Movie night on Monday (20th)

  • Walker

Should invite people for end of year social, invite all anth grads


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