AGSA Meeting – December 1, 2011

1. Treasurer election for new year

  • Maggie stepping down
  • Keep rack of what is spent, reimburse people
    • Vancity, can only withdraw twenties
  • Helps with conference; fronts money for conference food
  • Nominate Christina
    • Second, third, accepted.

2. ASA (Hillary and Nelissa)

  • Work with us for a side panel at conference
    • Volunteers and presenters
    • Contact Cate to get involved with conference
  • Pub nights every first Friday of the month
  • 9 January: back to school themed cookies and milk night
    • ask Dr. Menzies for his SFU undergrad id photo
  • 11 January: anthropology field school info night
  • Collaborate on a BBQ at the beach?

 3. Holiday Party

  • Check on whether minors are permitted to attend
  • Bake sale profits: $114.55
    • Will cover booze
  • Need to set up/clean up
    • Post 500 papers set-up party
    • Megan has Christmas lights, hanging lanterns
    • End time is at 10pm.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Who is getting stuff?
    • Social committee
    • Ale has car

4. Department review

  • Meet at Morgan’s at 5pm, 2 December 2011 to discuss
  • Hand it in to both external review and department
  • 4-5 pages, single spaced
  • Department worries are mostly in agreement with AGSA thoughts

5. Diana (AMS/GSS)

  • Casas: federal lobbying power
    • AMS opted out, GSS stayed in as own entity as full members
  • GSS considering leaving AMS as an organization
    • Worry is that AMS does not consider GSS as constituents of AMS
    • Hire someone to look at what this would legally/fiscally/individually mean for GSS and graduate students
  • Gage South Project
  • Put in new bus loop
  • New SUB
    • Increasing levels of student fees to pay this off
    • GSS will have more access/space
  • Also want to put in new townhouses for faculty and graduate students: rentals (“affordable” at 5% below market price)
  • Talk to Dr. Menzies about housing on campus
  • Remaking/Rebranding AMS logo and AMS
    • Rebranding all the restaurants in the SUB – $35,000 or more
  • Worried about desire to increase number of international students
  • Having trouble to support current students…
  • GSS
  • DOF funding: funding for department events, that we can apply for
    • 50cents per graduate students at event
  • shoe drive for installation piece and then given away for further use by people who need them—if you have shoes you want to donate… (end 2 December 2011)

6. AGSA talks

  • Need Graduate Students to sign up for talks
  • Also need snack people
  • 12-1 on Mondays

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