AGSA Meeting Mintues – 27 Oct. 2011

AGSA MEETING NOTES — 27 October 2011

TA update:  we have two execs at the meeting

  •  Still negotiating
  • Old agreement in place until the new one is accepted
  • TA is work, not funding

GSS/AMS/External committee update


  • Lost representative, we are only allowed one now
  • Actually have two because AMS to GSS is in Anthro
  • Sacha is new representative
  • Grad Pub: have to straighten out the closing of the pub
  • Then looking for outside company to run the pub
  •  Try to streamline the pub and make money
  • March is the earliest time it could open again (more realistically will open in September.
  • UPass can be sent to you if you make an argument at the correct office (not here defined)
  • Sacha will be looking that up.
  • Streamlining non-academic-misconduc
    – (get in trouble on campus that is not academically related)
    – Go and fill out paperwork, which goes to a committee and then decides whether or not the
    case should go to a hearing.
    –  Students involved in activities off campus CANNOT be tried on campus.
  • External committee
    – Work on making a database for getting TAships across departments


  • Trying to represent graduate student interests in the creating study spaces; want to charge fees, and that is going to cause some problems
  • Want to make these useful for interdisciplinary grad areas
  •  Approved research for using postal codes to see how long it takes and how much it costs people to get to campus.
  •  How does UPass figure in?
    – Price cannot be lowered
    – Tax refund at end of year
    – Want to increase transit to campus and lower cost of living on campus.
  •  Overall campus planning
    – Controversy over where condos are being built
    – Hosting open houses to facilitate discussion
    – More construction for green spaces and walkways
    – Trying to get more secure bike parking.
    – Lots of ongoing housing projects
    – Planning community shuttle routes (Maybe run both ways?)

 Anth Undergraduate rep.

  •  Possible group activities:
    – Beer garden for anthropology week (in March)
    – BBQ fundraiser (also during anthro week)
    – Anthro journal for both Undergrad and Grad
    * Online?
    * Want to print as well
    * Undergrads very interested in this
    * Have applied for funding
    * Combine it with the graduate conference
    * Print papers in journal
    * Use page limits
    * Encourage undergrads to participate by having undergrads present papers during
    anthro week and print those papers
    – Haunted house tonight from 5-7pm
    – Pub night (sometime this semester?)


  • Were ranking funding applications, so no graduates allowed in meetings
  • Now need a representative for further meetings…
  • Department Meeting update:
    – Main controversy: revision of peer Teaching reviews across the university
    – New proposed system: scratched talking to students.  Use review teams (one person from
    within the department and one from outside)
    – Worried about biases from people from outside the department
    – How will people be involved?
    – Ten-yeared profs. Can be called up like on jury duty?
    – Feedback from Anthropology department was not positive.
  • New courses in Anthro
    – These aren’t actually new courses, just new numbers for courses.
    – Make independent studies into classes with numbers
    – Pushed through from last year.

 AGSA Talk Series

  • Things are going really well
  • Want more professors for next semester: have to approach them individually
  • Match a graduate student with a faculty member (Timing is the main concern there)
  • Anthropology PhD holders from other departments?
  • Archaeologists from SFU?
  • Want to keep it in the department so we get to know each other (At least for this year)

Department Review

  •  Our document is due Dec. 15th
  • Want a committee to start working on that document
  •  Diana wants to be a part (discuss MOA aspects)
  • Talk to new cohort.
  • Also think about what made us come here

 GSS events for grad students with parents

  •  Aimed for people who want to bring their children and can’t stay late
  • Anyone interested in helping plan such an event

 Christmas party (Dec. 8th 6:30-10:00)

  • Getting a liquor license (have to buy)
  • $237 total for GSS building
  • $15 dollars to run fireplace
  • $75 fee for us to use our own license
  • Room is free
  • If we want to hire a bartender ($100)
  • Poll who has Serving it Right certificate
  • Any volunteers
  • Bring over our own Coffee/Cocoa/Tea and Baileys
  • Potluck snacks and deserts
  • Undergrads are invited
  • Bake sale for fundraising? * Between 21st to 25th of November?

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