AGSA Meeting Mintues – 28 Sept. 2011

28 September 2011 (Second meeting of the year)

Letter for department review has been submitted

Departmental rep. updates (Diana and Diana)

  • Departmental review in January (there will be multiple parts for feedback—TAs, undergraduates and graduates.)  AGSA can/will submit a review in December (given to Dean’s office).
  • Some applications for visiting researchers—one from Taiwan (does not have a background in anthro), second is going to be joint between journalism and anthropology, third will be women and gender studies

AGSC update: next meeting will be in a month (no date), they are discussing Vanier applications.

  • Still need PhD rep.  We need to elect one at the next meeting.
  • Undergrad enrolment in lower level classes has dropped

GSS update: Meredith and Lauren resigning positions.

  • We need one representative to attend; elect two for a proxy and support.
  • Diana will stay as AMS rep, nominating Sacha
  • Sacha new GSS rep
  • Meredith and Lauren will need to officially resign and set up Sacha in the position.
  • Motions in GSS for working on 5th year PhD funding, and increasing TA funding because increasing cost of living.

Financial Update (Maggie):

  • Department does not actually support AGSA
  • $513.31 in budget.
  • Fundraising?
    • Pub nights in collaboration with Undergrads.
    • Anthropology goes to the Races (Hasting Race course)
      • Include Undergrads
    • Snack table (honors system?)
      • Set up where?
      • In AnSo or outside?
      • Raffle off Cannucks tickets (Megan)
    • Charge BBQ with Undergrads?
      • Set up outside AnSo; Buchanan courtyard?
      • Do sooner than later because of weather
    • Food truck fundraising?
      • Megan will look into it
      • Check with what the rules are for getting other food companies on campus.

ASA (anthropology undergrad group)

  • Need Undergrad rep.
  • Nominated and elected Diana
  • Get Undergrad people to attend our meetings

Social Events Update:

  • All you can eat Sushi night?
  • Rachel’s boyfriend’s party:
    • Spanish Mustache Party
    • Friday, September 30 at 9:00pm
    • Location: 2620 Glen Drive (Glen & 10th, near Clark and Broadway)
  • David Pokatillo playing in a Band; support him with both grads and profs.

AGSA Talk Series (Sacha)

  • About 25 people attended
  • Talks were amazing
  • No faculty as volunteered yet
  • Snacks needed for a number of weeks

Email from TA union Rep

  • Presentation about bargaining process
  • Extend eligibility for TAships (3yr for MA, 5yr for PhD)?
    • Anthropology does allow for all graduates to apply, yr does not matter.
    • TAships are competitive in the department
      • Competitive for teaching ability not for funding
      • John is sending us figures about TAships and they are competitive for job, not funding.
    • Work with TA union to list all open TA positions in a database to open it to other departments?
    • Volunteer teaching positions for experience; more teaching experience than some TAships.
    • Push in the right directions
    • Work on changing the tone of discussions with department; don’t want to antagonize people and create sides.


  • Talking to a few people in GSS

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