AGSA Travel Award 2011

After a series of email conversations with John B. and a final meeting this past Wednesday the final procedure for the Travel Awards is as follows:

1) AGSA requests students’ name, paper presented, and conference attended.
2) AGSA will send the final list of students to John B.
3) John will divide the total amount evenly between the number of students who applied and he will send the approx amount per person to the AGSA.
4) Grad students will then send their receipts (up to that amount) to Sierra (Undergraduate Secretary)
5) Grad students will get a cheque with the amount by mail.

So, at this time please send us to this email your information if you presented at a conference this academic year (2010-2011) by Saturday, May 28.

Once the amounts are finalized we will send out another email with this information and asking for you to send your receipts to the Department so you can get your award.

This process will be used for the following years and it’s meant to keep things as simple as possible for both AGSA and Department so we all can get the award for presenting at conferences each year.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us (anthgrads.ubc [at]!


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