AGSA Meeting Minutes – March 23, 2011

1. Travel Fund

  • Currently we have complete responsibility to allocate funds. BUT: there are issues of privacy, bias, favouritism, etc a problem; administrative job that isn’t our responsibility
  • We should develop how we feel it should be allocated, then bring this to the department – ultimately we don’t want to be responsible
  • This would be needed before the next faculty meeting – Diana Marsh will help Morgan Moffitt come up with some guidelines
  • Send comments to Morgan Moffitt

2. AGSA Conference

  • Budget for hospitality was $1000, only spent $571, $384 used from the AGSA account, so AGSA currently needs to be reimbursed by the Conference Finance Committee.
  • Do we want reimbursement as cash or cheque?
  • Marina will go with Maggie to bank to get Maggie’s name on account.

3. GSS Update

  • Anthropology is only going to have 1 representative once Meredith retires due to the reduction of council (we should still elect two reps in our department, one with voting rights, one as a proxy and fill-in for when rep. is sick)
  • Motion shot down to give outgoing elected reps raise of $4,000
  • Budget approved

4. AGSA Nominations and Elections

  • Elections will be held at the next meeting
  • Some positions will remain open so that incoming cohort can also be elected in in September
  • Co-presidential election will be determined by a web election.
  • Please forward your nominations for positions to anthgrads.ubc [at]

5. Mailboxes

  • Denise proposes that mailboxes in the Department can be used for personal mail
  • The program requires us to go out in the field, so it should accommodate our mail?
  • Some concerns re: Departmental responsibility for mail (especially in open boxes)
  • Is this really something we should be asking of the Department?

6. Coffee Machine

  • How do we get a coffee or espresso machine for the grad students?

7. Eco-Friendly Policy

  • Solen proposes that we make the Department more ecologically friendly.
  • No more Styrofoam cups, composting (ask Radicy how our building can be involved in pick-up), compostable paper plates, bringing mugs to talks (+handsoap and sponge in Department for washing), printing assignments on used paper, etc.
  • Googledoc will be created for input
  • AnthroNews no longer printed? Maybe one or two copies in the grad lounge, but these are just a waste of paper.
  • You can download a copy of the letter here. Please email AGSA with your comments (anthgrads.ubc [at]

8. End of Year Event

  • Small trip somewhere? Bowen Island over the last week of April? Dates still tentative.
  • BBQ on Jericho Beach April 9th? BYOfood, grill, etc.

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