AGSA Meeting Minutes – October 7, 2010

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting yesterday! Here are the minutes:

1. Department Meeting Update (Marina)

  • Department will be reviewing TA duties, times, etc.
  • Grads: 94 total, 65 registered, 19 newly admitted, applications up 40%, all new grads received funding of some degree, not enough TAships to go around. Smaller intake next year.
  • 5th year funding brought up, waiting on more information
  • BC Archaeology forum in November
  • Marilyn Strathern next week, Marshall Sahlins next term. Any ideas for speakers? More money available to invite other guests.
  • Faculty retreat coming up in November, grad program as proposed topic – any suggestions and concerns should be formulated before this.

2. Dazed and Confused (Natalie)

  • Likely Thursdays, time still TBD
  • Will be a sharing, friendly environment, not formal, no technology, just a forum to get ideas and feedback about methodological, ethical, theoretical issues in your research

3.Finances and Fundraising (Sara)

  • AGSA has been reimbursed from the amount outstanding from last year’s conference. Solen has the money from the department for the meet and greet, but will get it to Marlee.
  • Marlee (absent) has up-to-date $ information
  • Fundraising? What to do with the money? Proposed ideas: food at meetings, paying for events (even fronting conferences), printing for grad students, x-mas party… looking for ideas. Please email Sara or Diana Moreiras with suggestions – anthgrads.ubc [at]

4. GSS Update (Lauren)

  • Efficiency of GSS studied by an outside group, proposed election for GSS reps, determined to be not viable… nobody would run
  • Motion passed for TA Union and GSS to unite for a tuition fee campaign (especially international fees). Committees will be formed if anyone is interested – more information will be sent out once available

5. Social Events Committee (Mascha and Diana Marsh)

  • Pub nights and Facebook groups so far have been a success
  • Possibly implement the blog for social functions for people without Facebook
  • Movie nights, every other Thursday (alternating with pub nights), likely right after Dazed and Confused. Probably no liquor licence until last event. Email Mascha with suggestions – mascha.g [at]
  • Tomorrow night will also be a pub night. Time/place TBD. UPDATE: It will be at the Wolf and Hound at 7pm.

6. Use of Anth-Grad mailing list (Natalie)

  • Possibly introduce a separate mailing list for Eleanore and the AGSA
  • Increase lines of communication so no duplicate emails
  • Subject line etiquette – Social Event / Date / Time visible
  • Possibly one conjoined “digest” of the day’s forwards
  • Do not “reply all”

7. AGSA T-Shirts and Logo Design (Diana Moreiras)

  • Need to purchase a lot in order to be feasible
  • Diana Marsh will be in charge of design/logo – email her with suggestions

8. 5th year + Funding (Sara)

  • Need to ask department what is expected we do after 4th year to acquire funding
  • More transparency about how they allocate TAships needed
  • Marina will collect concerns and suggestions about this – mlasalle [at]

9. Maternity leave (Ana)

  • Asking for AGSA support to approach the AGSC and FoGS about their policies re: maternity leave.

10. TA Liaison position (Natalie)

  • Natalie proposed a position for a TA to liaise between the TA community, AGSA and the AGSC. For now, Natalie will take on this position (since she is a TA and on the AGSC anyway) but we should make sure to fill the position with a TA next year.


2 Responses

  1. Some speakers I’d love to see/hear:

    Joao Biehl
    David Harvey
    James Ferguson
    Akhil Gupta
    Saba Mahmood
    Eliabeth Povinelli


  2. One more!

    Yael Navaro Yashin

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