AGSA Meeting Minutes – March 17, 2010

Three AGSA members discussed the following:

1. End of year party – A beach barbecue was suggested, with April 30 as a tentative date.

2. Elections – At the next meeting we will need to do elections for next year. A unanimous decision was made to release funds to order pizza to increase attendance at that very important meeting.

3. TA Union representative update (Solen) – Hopefully everyone has received the email advising TA’s that they shouldn’t work past April 30. AGSA can act as intermediary if there needs to be any kind of action. It is important to through the university and the union when negotiating to work past April 30. Also, we are entering a bargaining period and there will be a meeting meeting on March 31st about this. Solen will try to go. The results of the TA survey will be discussed at that meeting.

4. GSS Update (Sara) – At the last GSS update we heard a report from the contractors who were doing an independent external review of the GSS organization. Please contact Sara if you are interested in learning more about that. The Annual General Meeting was on March 18 and Sara sent an email to anth-grads reminding everyone about it.

5. Undergraduate Research Showcase – On Monday, March 22 there was an undergraduate research showcase, hopefully some grad students were able to go. At the meeting we talked about how grad students should try to attend.

6. Undergraduate Journal – There is a new student journal run by the ASA. Next year there will likely be a grad student position as well as a professor position on the journal committee.

7. Social activities – We spent the remainder of the meeting talking about different ways to get grad students to spend time together outside of a more formal academic setting. Perhaps the Learning Community could be re-focussed for next year to be more informal, and possibly off-campus. Another idea is to revive the theory reading group “Discipline and Punish”. Other ideas are welcome!


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