AGSA Meeting Minutes: January 20, 2010

1. Learning Community
This week Friday Jan 22rd at 3:30 pm at AnSo come see Steve Daniel at the Learning community. If you want to present this term contact Ashley.

2. Mickey Mouse Monopoly
The Anthropology Student’s Association is hosting a movie night, beer garden, and debate on Friday, January 22 from 7-9:30pm in Buchanan D – MASS (where we had the reception/beer garden last yr) . The movie is called “Mickey Mouse Monopoly: Disney, Childhood and Corporate Power”. There will be free snacks and $2 beverages! Come and re-think your childhood favorites with us! (contact Sara if you have any questions). Here’s a link with a bit more information about the film: http:// ommerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=112

3. Update from Marie-Eve:
The Department voted to offer 3 year spousal appointments for our recent job candidates. The details need to be sorted out with the university, but before that, the candidates need to accept the offer! There was no grad representation on hiring because these were spousal appointments.

We need to check whether we can have some graduate students on the coming hiring (with the Faculty of Arts) for the positions of Assistant, Associate and Full Professorships in Aboriginal Scholarship and Engagement.

4. If anyone has issues to bring up at the GSC email Kenzie by Feb 2, 2010, the date of the next meeting.

5. Social Climbing Event- joint with SFU. Costs $20 for 2hrs will involve ropes, perhaps will occur on a Saturday, contact Meredith.

6. Sara is taking over the blog (update: Sara has taken over the blog)

7. Money/Conference: it has been decided that the AGSA will loan our funds to the graduate student conferencers this year, to avoid people having to pay out of their own pockets

8. Are there blue raspberries? Pat tells us that there is a purple raspberry in response to this question.


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