AGSA Minutes, November 18, 2009

Anthropology Graduate Student Association

Meeting 18th November 2009


1. Learning Community: Last one this Friday November 20th with Pub Night to follow
-spots still open to present next term. Contact Ashley if you are interested
2. Department meeting/Fast Track: Solen attended the department metting. The most recent version of fast track was voted in.
3.  Department Rep Position: we need a new representative for January.
4. TA Rep position: still not filled
5. GSS Reps: Sara and Meredith will be seated at tomorrow night’s meeting.
6. Holiday Party:  Is the department holding anything? or should we have one at someone’s house (Sara) The weekend of the 11th and 12th is a possible time.
7.  Money: what to do with the money we have and how to make more?
a) Fundraising: It was suggested that we use the blog to discuss fundraising posibilities. Get a password from Molly. There is left over coffee from the coffee kiosk that is still good. Should we  sell this? or use it for the grad student conference?
b) Printing: On the subject of spending our money the issue of student printing was again raised. It was decided that an alternative to buying a printer would be to get codes for the copiers that exist. Alison and Meredith will write a proposal. It was suggested that we discuss having a trial period and set up page limits with some system of keeping track of this. This was also discussed with the Sociology student association president.
8. Next Meeting: will be early December either the 2nd or the 9th.



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