AGSA Minutes – March 11th, 2009

Anthropology Graduate Student Association

Meeting 11th March 2009



  1. AGSA Department Representative Updates

  2. Graduate Student Conference

  3. Graduate Travel Funds

  4. Anthropology Week: Beer Garden

  1. AGSA Department Representative Updates

Updates from the departmental meeting were provided by the representative. There will be a department faculty retreat in which graduate representatives will attend for part of the afternoon. Admissions offers have been sent out for next year’s program, 23 offers in total. The funding system for the department will change as FOGS will be transferring the duty of distributing funding to the department, so that funding is administered internally. The guidelines of distribution are as of yet not clear, however this has enabled the department to offer 4 year package deals to incoming PhD students. A department strategy paper will soon be circulated, and this will outline the future direction of the department.

In other updates from the department meeting, it was announced that a Critical Curatorial Studies program will be set up. Also, there are talks on changing the name of the Museum of Anthropology, to the Museum of Art and Anthropology. Regarding the issue of fast-tracking, the position of the department is that there is to be no fast-tracking. If exceptional circumstances do arise, however, communication about this will be clear.

  1. Graduate Student Conference

Representatives from the Graduate Student Conference presented an overview of the conference schedule this year, including sessions, themes, and discussants. The schedule booklet detailing the sessions and presentation abstracts was circulated. A call was made for conference volunteers on the day of the event. It was also announced that keynote speaker Dr. Larry Zimmerman will be giving a public talk at Carnagie Center (East Hastings and Main) at 7pm on Friday, March 13, 2009.

  1. Graduate Travel Funds

The funds reserved for graduate conference travel were discussed. John has requested from the graduate students a list of agreed upon criteria by which the funds can be allocated to students.

Such criteria have been discussed in prior meetings and the general unofficial consensus is that the fund allocation should be need based (as opposed to competition based), dependent on the student’s funding situation and also dependent on their participation in a conference. Receipts will be necessary should the students wish to be reimbursed. Students with no receipts can get an honorarium. The criteria list must be implemented so that qualifying students can be selected by the end of the month. A meeting will be held in the next few weeks, spear-headed by Marina – this will allow for anyone interested to share their input, ideas and concerns.

  1. Anthropology Week: Beer Garden

Anthropology week (March 14th to 21st) is being organized by the undergraduate anthropology society. They have requested the support of AGSA in organizing the Beer Garden. AGSA will be contributing to the purchase of a liquor license as well as the cost of alcohol and food. Volunteers are needed for that night, particularly servers, individuals to check ID’s, as well as setup and cleanup crews.

Next AGSA Meeting: April 8, 2009


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