AGSA Minutes – 8 April 2009

Anthropology Graduate Student Association

Meeting 08th April 2009



  1. AGSA 2009/10 Elections

  2. Department Retreat

  3. CASCA Update

  4. Department Representative Updates

  5. Other

  1. AGSA 2009/10 Elections

Nominations for Society President 2009/10:

  • Alison Torrie (Nominated by Natasha; accepted)

  • Ashley DeYoung (Nominated by Natalie; accepted)

  • Adam Solomoniam (Nominated by Arianne; accepted)

  • Iain McKechnie (Nominated by Marina; refused)

  • Aanika Carroll (Nominated by Alison; accepted)

The positions of Co-Presidents will be settled by vote to take place on the Anth Grad Blog.

Positions Filled for 2009/10:

  • AGSC Representatives Kenzie Jessome & Natalie Baloy/Marie-Eve Carrier Moisan (TBA)

  • “Space” Committee Natalie Baloy (and positions open)

  • Department Representative Solen Roth

  • Social Coordinator Lina Maria Gomez-Isaza (and one position reserved for an incoming student)

  • Department Coordinator (Learning Community) Ashley and Adam expressed interest, depending on the results of the Co-President election

  • Blog Master/Website Representative Molly Malone

Positions to Be Filled:

  • Secretary good position to reserve for an incoming student

  • Treasurer

  • Sociology Liaison

  • Undergraduate Liaison

  • TA Union

  • GSS Representatives MA and PhD positions both available

  1. Department Retreat

Graduate student representatives who will be attending the department retreat on April 17th are Natalie Baloy, Kisha Supernant, Steve Daniel, and Joanne Kienholz. The theme of this year’s retreat is “Teaching” – in the morning there will be story-telling on the subject of problems encountere in teaching, and how those problems were successfully overcome. In the afternoon there will be themed discussions.

A discussion on graduate student issues that should be brought to the attention of the department by the representatives included:

  • 506 Professional Seminar This course is highly successful and appreciated by all students. It is very responsive to the needs of each particular cohort and particularly beneficial in the grant application process. Communication with the students on there is important to continue the success of the course.

  • Teaching Assistantships TA positions that entail teach tutorials provide grad students with a very important teaching experience that becomes extremely valuable in the future. It was discussed that when distributing the teaching assistantship positions, the inclusion of a tutorial should be included in the decision. TAships with tutorials should be should be given primarily to individuals who have not yet had that experience.

  • Museum Studies is lacking in course selection.

  • Because of the diversity of interests among students within the department, the directed studies courses that have been offered have been critical in providing specialized graduate training. Many professors consistently offer directed studies courses to the benefit of the students. We feel that these individuals should be recognized by the department/university for this extra effort.

  • Also in regards to course offerings, there has been discussion on the lack of diversity in the course offerings. The impact of this can be lessened by opening communication with other discipline regarding opportunities to take relevant courses.

  • We want to acknowledge that he post-docs have been wonderful this year!

  • Will the curriculum reflect the three fields that represent the future of the anthropology department (Cultural Anth., Arch., and Museum Studies)?

  1. CASCA Update

Volunteers are needed for CASCA. Any volunteers will not have to pay the conference fee. Thus far, there are 560 people that will be in attendance at CASCA. There will be a reception in MOA on Wednesday the 13th, and a banquet with no keynote on the 15th which will cost $30.00. There will be a party after the banquet at the Wolf and Hound – Lina is in charge of the social events of CASCA.

  1. AGSA Department Representative Updates

Treasurer – AGSA made approximately $100.00 on the Beer Garden.

  1. Other

  • MUSEUM OF ANTHROPOLOGY DIRECTOR The director of the museum, Anthony Shelton, is being considered for reappointment. If he is reappointed, he will hold a public address where he will present his ideas for the museum. Feedback regarding his reappointment should be made by April 15, 2009. Also, the name of the museum is being change from Museum of Anthropology, to the Museum of Art and Anthropology.

  • ANSO TASTY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The undergraduate students who currently run ANSO Tasty are looking for graduate students to assist in continuing the project next year (as they will be graduating). There are currently two people interested, but more would be great! They are hoping that in the future, the booth will become a permanent café type fixture in the ANSO building (with the possibility of taking over a kitchen space in 2010 when the move to the museum occurs). The work involves setting up in the morning and cleanup at night. Keeping the table stockets and also ordering food from Sprouts twice a month. If you are interested in helping, please contact

  • GRADUATE TRAVEL FUND This year, 11 students applied for and received the newly established Graduate Travel Fund, designed to reimburse students who participated in conferences during the previous year. Previous discussions on how the fund will be adjudicated in the event that applications exceed funds available stressed several criteria designed to restrict the funding on a needs-basis. These criteria were drafted and presented to the AGSC; however, because they were able to fund all students who applied this year, the decision of how to proceed if that circumstance occurs has been tabled for the time being. These discussions may be ongoing depending on the demand for this fund next year.

  • Attention all males in the anthropology department: your attendance at the AGSA meetings would be greatly appreciated!

  • There was brief discussion of having an end-of-term bash, which everyone agreed was a good idea, but details were not settled during the meeting. Hopefully something will come of this via email discussions upcoming.

Next AGSA Meeting: September 2009!


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