Graduate Student Travel Fund 2008-09 – APPLY by APRIL 2nd!!

Graduate Student Travel Fund 2008-09*

The Department has requested that all students wishing to apply for reimbursement towards a conference that they participated in from April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009 please submit the following information to Kyla NO LATER THAN APRIL 2nd:

1. the name of the conference where you presented and the dates

2. the total expenses you incurred

3. the receipts you have (in an envelope)

If you do not have receipts but presented at a conference, you can still estimate your expenses and submit that; however, you will have to pay tax on the amount you receive.

Again, the deadline for submission of this information to Kyla is APRIL 2nd (this Thursday).

Thank you!


  • Discussion between the AGSA, AGSC and Department concerning how funds will be allocated in future is ongoing; however, in order to use funds from this fiscal year, the Department needs to process our applications immediately.  It is at present unclear how applications will be ranked if there are more applications than funds allow this year.  For 2009-10, however, a policy will need to be in place to guide the adjudication process, which we hope will incorporate the AGSA’s strong desire to have applications ranked on a needs-basis.  We will be kept apprised as discussions continue.

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