AGSA Minutes – Dec.8th, 2008

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Anthropology Graduate Student Association

Meeting 8th December 2008



  1. AGSA Department Representative Updates

  2. Discussion Bio-Archaeology Candidates

  3. Graduate-Faculty Holiday Party

  4. Coffee Kiosk

  5. CASCA

  6. Other Business

    1. Learning Community

    2. Conference Travel Funds

  1. AGSA Department Representative Updates

Rafael provided an update on the potential purchase of a printer by AGSA. The cost of a new laser printer would run approximately $150-200 while black ink would cost about $90 per cartridge. It was suggested that the printer be put in a locked office in the AnSo building with a key accessible to graduate students of the anthropology department.

A suggested alternative to purchasing a printer would be purchasing an account (with a pass-code) for the existing printers in the photo-copy/print room. Possible problems with this, however, include a potentially undesirable increase in the volume of traffic in the photocopy room. Also, student access afterhours would be would be unavailable.

The third option, as discussed previously, is to use AGSA funds to purchase print/copy cards for graduate students.

  1. Discussion Bio-Archaeology Candidates

Closed discussion regarding bio-archaeology candidates.

  1. Graduate-Faculty Holiday Party

The graduate-faculty graduation/holiday party is taking place on Wednesday, December 10th from 6:00 to 9:00pm at the Penthouse in the GSS building.

  1. Coffee Kiosk

The coffee kiosk will be up and running by the first few weeks of the second semester. Nathalie has graciously taken on the responsibility of the organizing process. Email surveys regarding individual availability will be sent out to both graduate and undergraduate students in order to create a shift schedule. It is not known at this point if there will be enough student volunteers to keep the coffee kiosk open both in the morning and afternoon. The kiosk is enjoyed by many people in the building—especially on those cold winter mornings— and it is also a great means of income for AGSA. So anyone who can help out is encouraged to do so!

  1. CASCA

CASCA is taking place the 13th to the 16th of May at UBC and will be drawing in scholars from all over Canada. Natasha has encouraged anyone who has an extra bed or couch that they would like to offer CASCA participants during this time to email her and let her know.

  1. Other Business

    1. Learning Community

In order to optimize faculty and student turnout, the Learning Community series will be taking place on alternating Thursdays and Fridays in the upcoming semester. Pat has offered the 506 slot on Thursday from 11:30-1:00 for the talks, and on Friday they will be held from 4:00-5:30. Alternating days will give everybody an opportunity to attend and should not be a problem so long as there is much advertising. Finalization of the change is pending as Arianne will propose this schedule to both the faculty and Learning Community presenters.

    1. Conference Travel Funds

Discussion was held regarding the $3000.00 fund allotted for student conference travel next year. Concerning the distribution process, various criteria were agreed upon including: (1) there should be a limit as to the maximum sum granted (suggested at $300.00 per person); (2) priority should be given to students who do not have existing funding; (3) priority should also be given to students who have not received conference funds the year prior.

A primary concern is if the student conference travel funds will consistently be available on a yearly basis. Other concerns include how often a student is eligible to receive conference travel funds—it was suggested either once every degree, or once every two years. Further concern regards the allotment of funding to PhD students versus Master’s students. Any suggestions on the matter should be sent by email to Arianne. These issues, and others, will be discussed in greater detail in the first AGSA meeting of the next semester. It is the intention of AGSA to draft a formal proposal—representative of graduate student views—regarding the conference travel funds to be submitted to the faculty.

Next AGSA Meeting: TBA


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