last AGSA meeting – Monday 8th Dec, 2pm!

Greetings fellow anth-grads!

It’s the end of hair-tearing term, and time to regroup and reform a semblance of our collective sanity. Our final AGSA meeting for this year will take place on Monday, 8th December, at 4pm in the lounge (immediately after the last bioarchaeology lecture).


1. Department Rep. Updates
2. Discussion: Bioarch Candidates
3. Grad-Faculty Party!
5. Next Term’s Coffee Kiosk

Item #2 will be a particular focus: this is your chance to weigh in on the candidates, so don’t miss it.

Here’s hoping to see everyone’s bright and smiling faces on Monday!


m & n

ps. ok, so ‘bright and smiling’ might be pushing it, but it’d be great to see you all nonetheless 🙂


One Response

  1. Hi everyone,
    sorry I missed the meeting Monday night. I was wondering what the word is on the grad faculty party tomorrow evening, I lost my email about it, Thanks,

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