REMINDER: next AGSA meeting Wed Nov 12th

Hi all,

This is to remind you that we have an AGSA meeting next Wednesday, 12th November, at 11:30am-1pm, in the grad lounge.

This meeting will be especially important to attend, in light of recent discussions concerning our letter to the department.  For those of you who were unable to attend, several of us met with John at the ‘Talking Head’ and discussed the letter generally, several of the specific points, and John provided some advice on how to strategically rework this, if that is our decision.  At this AGSA meeting, we will review that discussion with John, and seek your input on revising our approach to this letter.


1. Department Rep. Updates (including brief update from conference committee?)

2. Letter to Department

– space

– funding

– coffee kiosk money and printer

– meetings with grads, faculty and Head

– course offerings

– department communication

– social events

We expect these two items will take up all of our time, and the letter is of critical importance at the moment, so that’s it for the agenda.

Again, we stress that this meeting will be crucial for you to attend in order to have your say on how we proceed, given John’s answers to several of our concerns, and his (and Pat’s) advice on how to proceed.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

marina & natasha


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