Email to JB to suggest change in the thesis awards.

Hey people, this is my first post here, I want to share an email I’ve sent to John to suggest a change on the procedure of the thesis awards the Dptm started to give this year. Because I think many people did not know about it and I also consider that would be fair for both students and supervisor to have it set automatically for everyone I suggested this change to John.

Here’s the email I sent to him (so far I did not have any reply).

Hope everyone is fine.


Dear John,
Hi, it’s Rafael. Hope you’re doing fine.
I just have a suggestion to make in regards the Annual Prize the Dptm started giving last year for the best MA thesis and papers.
I would like to suggest for your consideration or the committee that should consider these prizes the idea of change the way it is now given, by nomination of professors, to a more fair situation in which all theses (BA, MA, and PhD) made in each year will automatically be considered for theses prizes. The reason I am bringing to your consideration this is to avoid the awkward situation that professor would forget or not know the existence of these prizes (I think last year many people did not know about it). In other Dptms (for instance in Economy) all the theses made in each year are automatically considered and this, I think, create a fair situation for both students and professors because everyone knows that each thesis will be considered and ranked not matter what would or could happen.
This was my concern that I wanted to pass to you.
Thanks John.
Have a nice weekend,

PS: I don’t know if you are the right person to write this suggestion, if you know to whom I should write this email let me know and I’ll write it again and send it to that specific person. Thanks.


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